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Tear Out Tools - Crain 2 5/8" Toe-Kick Diamond Blade


Crain 2 5/8" Toe-Kick Diamond Blade

SKU: 789

Crain Diamond Blade Model No. 775, No. 785 or No. 795 Toe-Kick Saws. It is a 2 5/8" diameter continuous rim dry cutting diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile, brick, concrete, stone, or for removing grout. It cuts to a fixed depth of 3/8" using the saw. For best results, cut 6 feet maximum, then allow cooling. Do not overheat. Check that chicken wire or expanded metal has not been installed beneath the material to be cut. Avoid cutting wood particularly wood subfloors as this gums up the blade and shortens life - shim up the saw as necessary. Not for use in cutting any metals

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