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Crain 968 Floor Following Groover


Crain 968 Floor Following Groover

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The Crain 968 groover will maintain consistent grooving depth even when floors are not level, up to 1/8" of variation over one foot of seamline. Set the fix desired depth of groove on the easy to use dial. In use, the floor following wheel rides on the floor to automatically raise or lower the blade in response to floor level variation. A spring-loaded floor following dust shroud rides against the floor for dust control. Crain 968 groover comes with Crain No. 971 Carbide blade for use on vinyl and linoleum floors, a metal carrying case, and instructions. The Crain 968 groover also takes the Crain No. 972 Diamond Groover Blade for metal-impregnated safety floors, which is available as an accessory. This is a quality tool at an affordable price.

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