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Dual Temperature Heat Gun Stripper Kit, 600°F/1100°F

SKU: HG200
Powerful 1500 watt heat gun with plenty of attachments and tools for a variety of uses, including paint, lacquer and varnish stripping, lifting automotive emblems and molding, heat-shrink tubing, shrink wrapping, spot drying, breaking down glue under Formica, adhesive-applied tile or linoleum, softening caulk and putty, thawing frozen pipes, locks, loosening tight screws and more. Quickly switch between low speed 600°F and high speed 1100°F heat settings. Includes scraper, heavy duty lifting tool for removing tough emblems and molding, scraper nozzle attachment and heat shrink concentrator attachment. Heavy duty 6' cord and a built-in stand to keep the heat gun standing straight up during cool down for storage.