ISHII Model AH-1040-S2-Premium Jet Turbo Tile Cutter

DRP Tools SKU: AH-1040-S2


Designed and Manufactured by ISHII in Japan. ISHII is the company that pioneered the dual rail tile cutter. This family of tile cutters have been in production for over 20 years and are the best in the market for your large professional tiling jobs and for the home do-it-yourselfer. The product line is suitable for most popular tile dimensions from small to ultra large. The AH-1040-S2-Premium Jet Turbo Tile Cutter is suitable for tiles that are up to 41″ or diagonal 30.5″ and a material thickness of up to 3/4″. In a medium to heavy workload. The ATM-1040-S introduced in a 2024 is a direct replacement for the AH-1040-S2

  • Number of Rails            2
  • Rip Cut                         41″
  • Diagonal Tile                 30-1/2″
  • Breaker Foot Width       4-3/4″