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Tile Tools - Ishii Turbo Tile Cutters


Ishii Turbo Tile Cutters

SKU: AH-870S2

Ishii Turbo tile cutters are engineered and made to cut large format porcelain tiles, up to 48". Unlike the 2 bar ishii tile cutter, the turbo cutters are made with a single bar that can be adjusted over time for usage. The 7/8" titanium coated ball-bearing scoring wheel is adjustable up to 3/4" for ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and plank tile to be cut to a precise width. The combination of a wide heavy duty 3 1/2" breaker foot along with spring loaded table prevents tailing when cutting hard porcelain tile. Ishii Turbo Tile Cutter sizes 34", 41" and 48". Ishii red jet tile cutter is great for large porcelain tile, plank tile, and mosaic sheet tile.

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  AH-870S2 34" AH-1040S2 41" AH1240SA 48"
Max Straight Cut 34" 41" 48"
Max Diagonal Tile 24" 29" 34"

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