Leister Triac AT Basic Welder Kit with Mozart Knife

Leister SKU: MOZART602


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Introducing the Leister TRIAC AT Mozart Basic Welder Tool Kit, the perfect solution for all your welding needs! This comprehensive kit includes all the essential tools you need for a seamless vinyl welding experience.

The Leister TRIAC AT 1600W/120V hot air welder is the heart of this kit, capable of handling a variety of welding tasks with ease. The pencil tip nozzle and 4MM/5MM round speed nozzles provide precision control over the welding process, ensuring optimal results every time. The kit also includes a ramrod, feed roller, Mozart trimming knife, leather cover, and 5-pack of blades, allowing you to easily trim and finish your welds to perfection.

For added convenience, the kit comes with a diamond sharpening stick, a welder tool rest stand, and a durable toolbox for easy storage and transport. With this kit, you'll be equipped with everything you need to achieve professional-grade vinyl welding results. So why wait? Get your hands on the Leister TRIAC AT Mozart Basic Welder Tool Kit today!