Leister TRIAC AT Basic Vinyl Welding Kit

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Looking for an all-in-one solution for your vinyl welding needs? The TRIAC AT Basic Vinyl Welder Tool Kit has got you covered. This kit includes the powerful and dependable Leister TRIAC AT, as well as a range of accessories to make your welding projects a breeze. With the Pencil Tip Nozzle, 4MM Round Speed Nozzle, and 5MM Round Speed Nozzle, you'll have the versatility to tackle a variety of welding tasks. The Ram Rod and Special Feed Roller ensure that your welding is smooth and efficient, while the Pull Groover, Spatula Knife, and Trim Plate Knife make it easy to achieve a professional finish. The included Mozart Knife and EasyFloor make this kit even more versatile, allowing you to work on a range of surfaces with ease. And with the Diamond Sharpening Pad, you can keep your tools in top condition for optimal performance. The Welder Stand & Tray ensures that your TRIAC AT is always within reach, while the Free ToolBox provides convenient storage and portability. Trust the TRIAC AT Basic Vinyl Welder Tool Kit to provide everything you need for successful vinyl welding projects.