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Leister ST Hot Air Welder with Free 1-1/2" Nozzle and Shipping.


Leister Triac ST

$445.00 $516.00
SKU: 141.229

Leister Triac ST hot air welder is a hot air hand held welder used best on TPO roofing. Temperature °F 104 – 1292. Leister Triac ST replaces Leister Triac S. Leister Traic ST will hold 80 Leister nozzles. Leister Triac ST hot air welder comes with your choice of 3/4" (20mm) nozzle, 1-1/2" (40mm) nozzle or Pencil Tip nozzle, carry case and Free Shipping.

Leister Triac ST ships free on this item.

For Nex Day and 2nd Day, FedEx shipping visit View Leister Triac ST Welder on

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