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Bulldog Profiling Machine

Raimondi Bulldog Profiling Machine and Bullnose Wheels. Bulldog Profiling Machine is a commercial bullnose machine that can produce 5,000 linear ft ( @ $0.59 per. ft.) of polished bullnose tile or stone edge with one set of blades. The capacity of four levels of finish, Milled, Rough, Finished and Polished. The Bulldog Profiling blade system in a 5 step process that will bring a square edge piece of tile or stone to a polished 3/8" radius or 5/8" radius bullnose edge in 5 steps. Each step has a different grit profile wheel to complete the bullnose process from start to finish. Step 1 Milling Profile Wheel 80 Grit, Step 2 Rough Finish Profile Wheel 200 Grit, Step 3 First Polishing Profile Wheel 400 Grit, Step 4 Second Polishing Profile Wheel 800 Grit, and Step 5 Third Polishing Profile Wheel 1500 Grit. For Next Day or 2nd Day FedEx shipping visit our DRPFastShip website, Raimondi Bullnose Machine and Profile Wheels.