Tile Grout sponges are made in approximate sizes for the given industries. For purposes of selling bulk tile grout sponges, they must be compressed. Once the tile grout sponges are compressed they are wrapped and boxed to fit packaging.

Compressed tile grout sponges can take up to 72 hours to restore to the original approximate size in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit once removed from packaging. Cooler temperatures will retard the tile grout sponge's restoration and will take longer to restore to the original size before compression.

If you can't wait for the tile grout sponge to reach the original approximate size before compression just adds the sponge to water. If you submerge the tile grout sponge in water the grout sponge will restore its self to the original approximate size in minutes.

We recommend you remove all tile grout sponges from packaging when you receive your order so air can restore their original size. Tile Grout Sponges can be stored in large drums or large garbage bags with the end open for air.