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Ishii Tile Cutters

Ishii Tile Cutter ST Series features a spring load base, with Ishii Tile Cutters low curved (8 to 1 ratio) handle, Ishii tile cutter comes with a heavy-duty bearing block that cuts tile up to 3/4 in. thick, heat treated rails and 3-1/2 in. breaker foot. Ishii tile cutter designs make it the best porcelain tile cutter on the market.

Ishii Turbo Tile Cutter features a single H-shaped bar with 6 adjustable bearing, 13 in. front spring loaded base, 12 in. long protractor gauge, scoring wheel adjust up to 3/4 in. thick tile, two 16 in. extension arms adjust for all positions and 4-3/4 in. wide breaker foot.

Ishii Tile Cutters Letter Code Definitions.

S - Spring Loaded Base

T - Heat Treated Rail Bars

W - Wider Sliding Block (Bearing Block) with a zoom up lens and Wider End Posts

A - 16" Extension Arm w/Magnet

M - Breaker Foot w/Magnet

Ishii tile cutter parts for Ishii big clinker, ct440, cutting wheels and Titanium cutting wheels.

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