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Tile, Carpet, Pool Plaster, and Vinyl Tools.

Carpet Tool

All Crain Carpet Tools are in stock. Crain Carpet Tool orders ship same business day.  For Next Day or 2nd Day FedEx shipping, visit Fast Ship websites, Crain Carpet Tools or Carpet Tools.

Crain Carpet Tools - Crain Carpet Irons 

Carpet Iron

crain carpet stretchers 

Carpet Stretcher

Crain Carpet Tools - Crain Carpet Shears

Carpet Shears

Crain Carpet Tools - Crain Knee Kicker

Carpet Knee Kicker

Crain Carpet Tools - Tear Out Tools

Tear Out Tools

Carpet Tools - Crain Installers Kit 

Carpet Installation Tool Kit

Carpet Tools - Crain Vinyl Rollers 

Vinyl Roller

 Carpet Tools - Plank Floor Cutters

Plank Floor Tool

Carpet Tools - Crain Carpet Trimmers 

Seam Cutters & Trimmers 

 Carpet Tools - Crain Carpet Staplers

Carpet Stapler

Crain Carpet Tools - Crain Undercut Saws

Crain Jamb Saws

 Crain Carpet Tools - Crain Vinyl Welding

Vinyl Welding Tools

 Carpet Tools - Crain Carpet Cart

Crain Carpet Cart 

 Crain Carpet Glue Gun

Glue Gun

Crain Carpet Tile Cutter 

Carpet Tile Cutter

 Crain Heat Gun

Heat Gun

 Crain 017 Skat Skates

Crain Skat Skates

 Crain Mitering Tools

Crain Mitering Tool

 Carpet Straight Edges

   Carpet Straight Edge

 crain 280 air lifter

Crain Air Sled