10" x 3-1/2" 3/8"R 1/2"D Walking Groover with Threaded Socket Bracket

Kraft SKU: CC355


This 10" stainless steel walking groover is perfect for professional tasks. It provides precision and accuracy with its 10" blade length, 3-1/2" width, 0.12" thickness, and rivetless finish. Featuring a 3/4" bit width, 1/2" bit depth, and 3/8" radius, its adjustable threaded socket easily fits with any threaded bull float extension handle. Get the job done quicker and easier!

This groover bit is made of stainless steel, with adjustable threaded sockets that can accept threaded bull float extension handles. It features a 3/4" bit width, 1" bit depth, 3/8" radius, and a blade length of 8". Its width is 5", thickness 0.12", and has a rivetless finish. Perfect for professional task

This 8" x 6" 1/4" R 3/4"D walking groover is designed for professionals who require precision and accuracy. Featuring an adjustable threaded handle socket that fits with threaded bull float extension handles, it has a blade length of 8", a bit width of 1/2", and bit depth of 3/4", and a thickness of 0.12". Get the results you need with this reliable groover.