45" Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Tapered Darby with 3-Hole Wood Grip

Kraft SKU: CF2059


The latest technology in concrete floating! The Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Darby is made with the latest advancement in construction tools. Lightweight, engineered material allows for seamless motions to quickly bring up bleed water to open the surface as it levels and smooths. This 45" tapered darby features curved surface lines to evenly distribute the paste to keep the surface open longer. The blade tapers from 3-1/2" on the heel down to 2-1/2" at the nose allowing for smooth motions especially with one-handed sweeping movements. The square end blade has rounded corners to prevent gouging. KO-20™ material is impact resistant for extended wear. The blade won’t absorb liquids preventing corrosion and rust. Kraft Tool's innovative new darby is reinforced with an aluminum bar to mount the 32 In. long smooth wood handle. Three hand holes within the handle allows for a variety of hand configurations for pushing, pulling, or one-handed sweeping motions. Patent Pending. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Made with revolutionary KO-20™ technology
  • Low surface friction so float moves faster across the surface
  • Surface opens quicker/remains open longer
  • Fewer passes needed to complete the job
  • Engineered, curved Surface Lines evenly distributes paste across surface
  • Grips the surface even on inclines and prevents downward drifts
  • Quickly lifts and moves material to level the surface
  • Tapered blade for easy one-hand movements
  • Square ends finish along forms and corners
  • Rounded corners prevent gouging
  • Broken-in edges Impact resistant for extended wear in rough use
  • Chemical, corrosion, and rust resistant
  • Concrete doesn't stick to surface making clean-up a breeze
  • Bright orange color is easy to spot on jobsite
  • 3-hole handle for many hand positions
  • Smooth wood handle
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA