48" Big "D" Flat End Blue Steel Float Blade

KraftSKU: CC739-01

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Level and smooth a large area of concrete this lightweight, easy to maneuver tool. The 48" carbon blue steel blade has flat ends with for producing a super smooth finish along walls and forms. The corners feature wide 3" radius corners to prevent gouging . A 3-1/2" wide heavy-duty anodized aluminum C-Channel design provides extra rigidity and flatness for this 12" wide blade. The C-Channel provides a perfect fit for weights when needed. The 4' float blade is designed to accept 4-hole Brackets, sold separately. Kraft Tool's Double-Tilt Action Brackets (#CC270, CC294, CC296, GF10330) or Single-Tilt Action Brackets (#CC696, CC800) are popular choices for brackets. The EZY-Tilt® II Double Tilt Bracket (#CC294) is recommended for best results. Handle choices are determined by the user's choice in bracket. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Flexible high quality blue steel blade
  • Level and smooth a large area of concrete
  • Creates a super smooth finish
  • Flat ends work along walls and forms
  • Rounded corners prevent gouging
  • C-Channel design for flatness and rigidity
  • Use with 4-hole Bracket assemblies
  • Use with Double-Tilt Action Brackets for best results
  • Fresno weights fit perfectly in C-channel
  • Made in the USA

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