48" Roller Tamp with 1-3/8" Diameter Button Adapter

Kraft SKU: CC958A


This 48" long double roller tamp prepares the surface of a slab for a smoother finish. The two rollers depress the aggregate and bring the fat to the surface of a slab in a uniform fashion. Each 5" diameter roller has a special roller tamp screen to optimize the work. Using this tamp will level the slab in half the time and does a better job than other conventional tampers. The tamper can also be used to create a non-skid surface when rolled over for a final finish. Use with a 1-3/8 In. button handle sold separately. Use an adapter for use with threaded or 1-3/4 In. button handles sold separately. The roller is replaceable to extend the life of the tool. Rollers are replaceable to extend the life of the tool; use a 48" Roller (CC959). Proudly made in the USA.