6" x 14" Goldblatt Finish Blade 4-Pack

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK172


Looking to achieve a smooth, professional finish on your concrete surfaces? Look no further than the Goldblatt 6" x 14" Power Trowel Finish Blade! Designed to fit 36-inch Goldblatt machines, this blade is crafted from heavy-duty steel to exacting specifications for exceptional durability and performance. With a thickness of .063 inches, it's built to handle the toughest conditions and deliver precise, consistent results every time.

Sold in packs of 4 for your convenience, the 6" x 14" Goldblatt Power Trowel Finish Blade is a must-have for any concrete finishing project. Don't settle for subpar results – invest in the Goldblatt Power Trowel Finish Blade and experience the difference for yourself!