6" x 14" ProForm® Ultra Blue Finish Blade 4-Pack

15-25% Longer Lifespan With Reduce Blade Changes

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK100B-4PK


Upgrade your concrete troweling game with the 6" x 14" Power Trowel Blue Finish Blade. This blade is designed to fit most 36" machines, including Allen, Bartell, Goldblatt, Master, MBW, Stone, Stow, Wacker, Wagman, and Whiteman/Multi-quip via a bar mount bolted to the machine. The blade is made of heavy-duty 0.082 thick steel, which is 30% thicker than standard blades, providing a 25% longer life with fewer blade changes.

The hard thick steel cuts down on blade changes on the job creating a longer life and greater performance than standard blades. A finish blade is used at high speeds at a slight angle to create a strong, hard, shiny surface. This 14" x 6" blue blade provides even coverage and a strong, hard, shiny surface at high speeds, ensuring that you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Don't settle for less, choose the blade that offers even greater durability and longevity so you can work with confidence and peace of mind. Upgrade to the 6" x 14" Power Trowel Blue Finish Blade today and experience the difference! Sold in a convenient 4-pack.