6" x 18" Ultra Blue Finish Blade 4-Pack

15-25% Longer Lifespan With Reduce Blade Changes

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK214B-4PK


Get a longer-lasting, high-performing finish with our 6" x 18" Power Trowel Blue Finish Blade. Made with heavy-duty steel that's 30% thicker than standard blades and with a thickness of 0.082, this blade has a 25% longer lifespan and requires fewer blade changes on the job. Designed for use at high speeds and a slight angle, this blade creates a strong, hard, shiny surface. Compatible with most 46" and 48" machines from top brands like Allen, Bartell, MBW, Stow, Wacker, Wagman, and Whiteman Multiquip, this blade is a must-have for any job site. Sold in a 4-pack.