60" x 4" Straight Arrow Serrated Groover with 1-1/4" Deep Bit

Kraft SKU: CC005WS-125


This 5 foot long high-grade aluminum groover is designed for cutting long straight control joints. The design features a 4" wide top, providing greater stability on concrete slabs as the groover moves across the material. A bright red sight marker helps the user cut long perfectly straight control joints through new cement slabs and decorative applications. The sight marker is bolted to the center track allowing it to be moved back and forth for the best placement for the user. The 8 serrations on the bit (4 on each side) moves the aggregate out of the groove for stronger concrete. The bit creates a smooth 1/4" radius to prevent chipping on concrete. The 1-1/4" deep bit tapers from 1/4" to 1/8" within the groove to direct the stress on the concrete to the joints and prevent cracks. The deep groover is popular for decorative applications. An adjustable bracket assembly slides along a center track for easy placement depending upon the job demands. Use with a clevis style