8" x 10" MBW Combination Blade 4-Pack

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK242-4PK


When it comes to achieving a smooth, professional finish on your concrete surfaces, the 8" x 10" Power Trowel Combination Blade is the perfect tool for the job. This bar mount blade is designed to fit MBW 30-inch power trowel machines and is made from rugged steel that is 0.074 thick to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Bolt Distances: Outside to outside 5-1/2". Outside to inside 2-3/4".

Crafted to precise specifications, this combination blade is engineered for optimal performance and extended life. Its unique design allows you to tackle a variety of finishing tasks with ease, from smoothing out rough spots to creating a seamless, polished surface.

So why settle for a subpar finish? Upgrade your trowel machine's performance with the 8" x 10" Power Trowel Combination Blade. Its rugged construction and precision design makes it the perfect choice for achieving a flawless finish every time. Order your 4-pack today and experience the difference for yourself!