8" x 18" ProForm® Ultra Blue Combination Blade 4-Pack

15-25% Longer Lifespan With Reduce Blade Changes

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK215B-4PK


Looking for a high-quality combination blade for your power troweler? Look no further than the 8" x 18" Power Trowel Combination Blade Blue! This blade is designed to provide exceptional performance and longevity, with a thickness of 0.082 which is 30% thicker than standard blades. That means you'll enjoy a 15-25% longer blade life and fewer blade changes, saving you time and money on the job.

Made to precise specifications for extended life and best performance, this blade is the perfect fit for most 46" and 48" machines from top brands like Allen, Bartell, Master/Arrow, MBW, Stow, Wacker, Wagman, and Whiteman Multiquip. It's also compatible with other popular styles of power trowelers, making it a versatile choice for any concrete finishing job.

Sold in a convenient pack of 4, the 8" x 18" Power Trowel Combination Blade Blue with bar mount is a smart investment for any concrete contractor or DIY enthusiast. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!