8" x 6" 1/4" R 3/4" D Walking Groover with Threaded Socket Bracket

Kraft SKU: CC356


This groover bit is made of stainless steel, with adjustable threaded sockets that can accept threaded bull float extension handles. It features a 3/4" bit width, 1" bit depth, 3/8" radius, and a blade length of 8". Its width is 5", thickness 0.12", and has a rivetless finish. Perfect for professional task

This 8" x 6" 1/4" R 3/4"D walking groover is designed for professionals who require precision and accuracy. Featuring an adjustable threaded handle socket that fits with threaded bull float extension handles, it has a blade length of 8", a bit width of 1/2", and bit depth of 3/4", and a thickness of 0.12". Get the results you need with this reliable groover.