8" x 8" Airplane Groover 3/4" Bit without Bracket

Kraft SKU: CC304C-01


Airplane groover cuts clean, smooth professional control joints every time. Made from the highest quality of cast aluminum with a broken-in face. Both the front and the back edge of the groover are curved up to avoid any gouging while in use. The tool creates a groove in wet cement to control expansion and contraction and relieve stress points. This 8" groover features a bit that has a 3/8" radius and is 3/4" deep and 7/8" wide. The single-piece formed groove provide a smooth professional finish. The closed end groover bit eliminates possible build up within the tool. The bit extends out both the front and back of the groove for easy back forth movement. The 8" square blade is squared off to fit in corners and along forms. The tool accepts a 4-hole bracket of the user's choosing. The EZY-Tilt® II Bracket (#CC294) is recommended. Proudly made in the USA.

  • High quality cast aluminum construction
  • Makes 3/4 In. deep, 7/8 In. wide groove
  • Creates 3/8 In. radius to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Turned up front and back to move smoothly through concrete
  • Cuts control joints in concrete
  • Single-piece bit for clean grooves
  • Closed bit prevents build-up in tool
  • Double bit for easy back and forth movements
  • Squared ends work along forms and into corners
  • Use with 4-hole bracket of choice, EZY-Tilt® II is recommended
  • Handle choice, based upon user's bracket choice
  • Made in the USA