Crain 800 lbs. 2 HP 7.5 amp Heavy-Duty Air Lifter

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Crain 280 Heavy Duty Air Lifter moves heavy appliances up to 800 lbs. by generating high-pressure jets through its perforated rubber load plates. Slide Crain air sled load plates under the load, turn on the blower, and the air sled plates inflate to lift the load. Place air appliance lifter air jets beneath create a cushion of air that glides the load over hard surfaces like vinyl or hardwood without scratching. Comes with a set of four smooth polypropylene pads for moving the load plates over the carpet. Crain 280 Heavy Duty Air Lifter saves time and reduces the risk of damaging new floors as well as injuries! Includes 2 air plates, 2 horsepower blower with shoulder strap, T-connector, 3 hoses, 4 carpet pads, and 2 carrying bags. Volts: 120VAC - Amps: 7.5. Net weight: 30 lbs. 


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