Chiquita Automatic Welder

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Chiquita Automatic Welder by Turbo is the world's fastest and lightest automatic heat welding gun capable of heat welding any material with the Universal Nozzle. Simply place the Chiquita over the seam you want to heat weld, insert the heat welding rod, lower the Chiquita and that's it! The Chiquita will automatically heat weld the seam with the correct angle, speed and pressure to give you the best and most consistent heat-welded seams possible. Moving at 18 feet per minute, the Chiquita Automatic Welder can heat weld heats with machine precision making it the ultimate heat welding machine and the best addition to your installation crew. Turbo Chiquita Automatic Welder kit includes Chiquita, Leister Triac ST, Turbo Universal Nozzle, and Turbo Tool Box.


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