8" x 10-1/2" Wheelchair Walking Groover (5 grooves) 2-1/4" on Center with Threaded Handle Socket

Kraft SKU: CC093


Effortlessly create safe, accessible ramps with our 8" x 10-1/2" Wheelchair Walking Groover. Its 5 grooves, spaced at 2-1/4" apart, ensure precision and safety. Use with Threaded Handles for comfortable and efficient cutting. And for matching hand grooves, check out our Hand Wheelchair Groover!

This durable 8" x 10-3/8" Texas Curb Walking Ramp Groover features 4 grooves, each 1/4" deep and 3/4" wide, with 2 inches of spacing in between. Made with a stainless steel blade and a threaded handle socket, this groover is compatible with threaded bull float handles or adapters. Don't forget to pair it with the matching walking ramp groover for optimal results!