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Carpet Stretcher - Crain Mini Carpet Stretcher


Crain Mini Carpet Stretcher

SKU: 514

Crain Carpet Mini-Stretcher used for isolated power-stretching or re-stretching in close quarters, hallways, and in rooms where the stretcher tail block is difficult to brace on an opposite wall. Crain Mini power stretcher pulls the tail blade off the tack strip. Mini power stretcher seam repair attachment piece which is needed for pattern matching. Crain 514 Mini Stretcher comes with a tail blade, seam repair attachment, and plastic carrying case. Compare the weights of the sturdy firm holding power Crain Carpet Mini Stretcher 22 lbs. to Home Center Substandard Quality Mini Stretcher copy of 18 lbs. View Crain 514 Mini Stretcher user manual and Crain 1 year warranty. Back to Carpet Stretcher.

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