Easy Grout Cleaning System by Raimondi

Raimondi SKU: WBEASY


Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System allows for disposing of dirty water when doing a job on upper levels, residential areas and includes 5 drip-proof bags, Yellow Sponge trowel (11"x 5"x 1-1/4") with Handle, Grate, Wheels The high capacity tank (2.7 gals) reduce the need for frequent water change. Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System Bucket with bags for the collection of dirty cleanup water. Eliminated the times to clean the wash bucket. For cleaning grout from walls and floors. Eco-Friendly wash bucket system, thank's to the removable plastic bag, can be used with or without bags, it's now "EASY" to remove grout clean up dirty water. If you need this product shipped Next Day or 2nd FedEx visit Grout Cleaning System DRPFastShip.