Easy-Move 150 4 Vaccum Cup by Raimondi

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Raimondi Easy-Move 150 is a pair of handling devices with fixed length profiles and four (4) vacuum suction cups free to tilt and pivot. The 4 vacuum gauge 7" suction cups come with gauges and stain-free rubber. 4 stain-free 7" Vacuum Suction Cups. The pump system, and tilting suction cups can be used on textured tiles and tilt to adapt to eventual bending and guarantee the perfect grip. Four (4) sliding handles with non-slip and stain-proof grommet for best ergonomics and handling. Handles are equipped with a soft rubber grip. Combine with the Easy-Move crossbars with a quick lock-and-release system. 4.9' long and weighs 23 lbs. MAXIMUM SLAB LENGTH 4.9'.