Easy-Move X-Light 10 Cup Tile Transport by Raimondi



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Introducing the Easy-Move X-Light 10 Vacuum Cup by Raimondi - the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable tile transportation. Designed with a focus on performance and versatility, this suction cup boasts a 4.5-inch grey rubber pad that ensures a secure grip on smooth surfaces without leaving any stains. Crafted from durable die-cast aluminum, the lightweight body offers strength and long-lasting durability.

What sets the Raimondi X-Light apart is its unparalleled adaptability. The suction cups, including the central ones, can be effortlessly adjusted along the profiles, accommodating tiles of different sizes. The telescopic crossbars, available in two variable lengths (35 1/2 inches to 63 inches), provide easy access to cases or skids while adapting to slabs of any width.

Even the most intricate slab layouts are easily accommodated with the ability to tilt the crossbars at an angle compared to the main profiles. Equipped with movable suction cups spanning their entire length, the crossbars ensure optimal support and adaptability. Effortlessly position the suction cup inside or outside the main profiles, offering maximum flexibility.

Experience superior ergonomics and handling with the Raimondi X-Light's fluid sliding and telescopic handles, featuring a "quick lock-release" handle system. For enhanced safety during wall installations, the handles come with a dedicated support device designed specifically for slabs. The non-slip and stain-proof grommets on the four sliding handles further enhance ease of use.

The Raimondi X-Light 10 Cup Large Format Tile Transport is capable of accommodating slabs up to a maximum length of 10.5 feet, making it the ideal solution for various tile installation projects. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of this innovative transport system, designed to simplify the handling of large format tiles, even in the most complex situations. Elevate your tile installation game with the Easy-Move X-Light 10 Vacuum Cup,  Large Format Tile Handling Tools  by Raimondi.