EASYFLOOR Roller Guide by Leister

Leister SKU: 173.478


EASYFLOOR from Leister holds all Leister hot air hand blowers within the TRIAC product line. Manual joint welding in plastic PVC flooring, as well as natural flooring made of linoleum and rubber, becomes child's play with the help of the EASYFLOOR holder. Thanks to the adjustable angle and precise guidance of the TRIAC hot air blower, users achieve constant welding zone preheating and increased weld quality during manual welding. The EASYFLOOR hot air blower holder ensures precise and stable hot air blower guidance when closing joints. This helps professionals, beginners, and anyone who wants to achieve a safe welding position and higher welding quality when hand welding. Thanks to Leister-EASYFLOOR, users can weld effortlessly and without forearm fatigue during more extended manual floor welding operations.