Crain 204 Edge Sealing Glue Gun & Tips

Crain SKU: 204


Glue Gun for sealing is a 100-watt glue gun comes with a precision carpet edge sealing tip (No. 627) and a conventional 1/8" nozzle (No. 629). The carpet edge sealing tip works at an upright angle that allows a convenient pulling motion along the carpet edge. The process occurs in the line of sight for observing the glue application. Carpet edges that are pre-sealed with hot melt dry quickly and resist fraying. Afterward, during the seaming process, the hot iron reactivates the hot melt, allowing the edges to bond together to reduce seam peaking. Takes standard 7/16" diameter glue sticks (Crain No. 201 10" or No. 202 4"). In operation, this gun's nozzle and melted glue temperatures are very hot, up to 400°F. Users should avoid contact and keep out of reach of children.

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