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Crain 710 Power Stripper with free shipping. Crain floor stripper machine will easily remove all types of flooring, VCT, Vinyl, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Wood, and all other flooring materials. Made for use with the Crain power stripper blades. Comes with floor stripper machine removal blades, new heavy-duty 5 1/2" long x 3 1/8" wide x 1/4" thick "Spud-Blade" for light tile and wood removal. Also includes No. 701 4" x 6" Vinyl Blade, No. 705 3" x 10" Multi-Purpose Blade and 35 lb. weight. View video on U-Tube at Crain 710 Floor Stripper. Back to Tear Out Tools. In Stock. View 710 Power Floor Scraper Stripper user Manual and Crain 1 year Guarantee.


Crain 710 Power Stripper to Commercial Address or Local Freight Terminal.

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