Heavy-Duty Gold 6" x 23" Power Trowel Finish Blade 4-Pack

25-50% Longer Lifespan With Reduce Blade Changes

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK216G-4PK


Upgrade your concrete finishing game with the 6 x 23-inch Gold Power Trowel Blade Finish Gold, specially designed to fit the 60" Whieman Trowel Machine. This top-of-the-line blade boasts a thick 0.092 rugged blade that is 50% thicker than standard blades, ensuring a 50% longer lifespan and fewer blade changes. Crafted to precise specifications, this heavy-duty steel blade guarantees extended life and top-notch performance. Proudly made in the USA, each box contains 4 blades to ensure you always have a spare on hand. Upgrade your trowel today and experience superior results!