Leister Groovy

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Leister GROOVY gouging tool is a lightweight, handy tool for the experienced layer of elastic floor coverings made of PVC or linoleum made by Leister. The leister hand groover (Leister Groovy) depth is to be tailored to the material to be welded. Rotating the adjustment wheel counterclockwise yields a deeper groove (+), and rotating the adjustment wheel clockwise yields a groove of lesser depth (-). Each revolution results in a change of depth of around 0.35 mm. If the blade holder is flush with the housing, then the blade will achieve a cutting depth of around 0.5 mm. If the blade holder (6) is completely extended, then the blade will achieve a maximum cutting depth of around 3.0 mm.

  • Groove preparation without milling
  • Adjustable groove depth
  • Precise working thanks to the roller guide
  • Groove gouging up to connecting wall
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Groove wide inches 0.14 
  • Groove depth inches 0.02 – 0.1
  • Size L 7"  × W 2" × H 4"
  • Weight .064 lbs