Leister Hot Jet S Wave Pro Welder Kit

Leister SKU: WDD219


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The Leister Hot Jet S Wave Pro Welder Kit is the ultimate solution for welding and grooving vinyl floors. The kit features a reliable and powerful Leister Hot Jet S Hot Air Welder and a range of professional tools to ensure precise and efficient welding results. The kit includes a variety of nozzles, including 4mm and 5mm round speed nozzles, a classic 4mm nozzle, and a 5.7mm triangular speed nozzle. It also comes with a special feed roller, a hot cutter tool, and a range of grooving tools such as the new wave groover, pull groover, and push groover. The kit is completed with a trim plate knife, spatula knife, curved tip spatula, Teflon repair pad, diamond sharpening pad, tool rest with tray, and a sturdy toolbox for easy storage and transport. With the Leister Hot Jet S Wave Pro Welder Kit, you can achieve professional-grade results with ease and precision.