Leister Mini-Floor Drive Unit

LeisterSKU: 154.335

Sale price$1,920


Leister MINIFLOOR Drive Unit connection to a hot air welder is simple and saves time. The Leister TRIAC can be used in countless ways! Leister Mini-Floor drive unit and drive-sensors enable welding directly to the wall. Only one required joint in the weld seam. Leister MINIFLOOR is compact with 12-inch minimum clearance. 2 inches minimum distance from the wall, ensures trouble-free welding around construction pipes and L-skirts. Weighing in 15 lbs with Leister Hot Air Welder for easy transportation. Great for weld lengths of 4 ft, and longer. Leister MiniFloor 120 V Drive Unit enables you to add your Triac ST, S, and AT with to weld.


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