Leister ST Professional Vinyl Welder Kit w/Groover and EasyFloor



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Introducing the Leister ST Professional Vinyl Welder Kit with Groover and EasyFloor, your go-to solution for superior vinyl welding. This kit includes the Leister TRIAC ST Hot Air Welder and a Leister 18V Cordless Groover with 2 batteries, charger, dust bag, and tool box. The EasyFloor feature ensures the perfect angle for optimal floor seam welding.

In addition to the welding tools, this kit includes a variety of nozzle sizes, a ram rod clean out tool, a special feed roller, a hot cutter tool, and a diamond sharpening pad. The kit also comes with a pull groover, push groover, trim plate knife, spatula knife, curved tip spatula, Teflon repair pad, tool rest with tray, and a durable tool box for easy storage and transportation.

With the Leister ST Professional Vinyl Welder Kit, you'll have everything you need for efficient and precise vinyl welding. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this kit is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Invest in quality and choose Leister for all your vinyl welding needs.