Leister ST Wave Pro Vinyl Welder Kit w/ EasyFloor

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Looking for the best vinyl welding solution? Look no further than the Leister ST Wave Pro Vinyl Welder Kit with EasyFloor. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to get started with vinyl welding and achieve professional results.

The kit features the Leister TRIAC ST Hot Air Welder, which delivers precise temperature control for consistent results. The EASYFLOOR attachment keeps the correct angle for the best welding of the floor seam. The kit also includes a variety of nozzles, including the WDD 721 4mm Round Speed Nozzle, WDD 722 5mm Round Speed Nozzle, and WDD S65 Classic Nozzle 4mm, as well as a WDD 27B 5.7mm Triangular Speed Nozzle.

Other tools in the kit include the WDD 633 Ram Rod Clean Out Tool, WDD 748 Special Feed Roller, WDD 984 Hot Cutter Tool, WDD 654 New Wave Groover, WDD 654H Attachment Holder for Leister Heat Gun, WDD 703 Diamond Sharpening Pad, WDD 758 Pull Groover and Blades, WDD 15 Push Groover, WDD 630 Trim Plate Knife, WDD 18 Spatula Knife, WDD 18C Curved Tip Spatula, WDD 753 Teflon Repair Pad, and WDD 800 Tool Rest with Tray.

All of these tools come neatly packaged in a metal carrying case for easy transport and storage. Plus, the kit comes with a free toolbox for added convenience. Order the Leister ST Wave Pro Vinyl Welder Kit with EasyFloor today and take your vinyl welding to the next level!