Orbit-er™ Tilt Bracket

Kraft SKU: CC270


The Orbit-er™ double tilt action button float bracket attaches to Fresnos and 2-hole and 4-hole bull floats. The bracket is made of rugged, yet lightweight aluminum for durability. The mechanism allows for quick and easy turning action to adjust the tilt of the blade. Control the pitch of the blade with a one-to-one turning ratio of handle to blade. Turning the handle eliminates the need for bending and lifting when moving tools across fresh concrete. Geared tilt action makes for smooth movements. A built in stop won't allow the user to overextend the tilt action. The design of the bracket doesn't extend pass the base allowing the user to float all the way to edges and walls without interference. Use with 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" button bull float handles. Fits 2- or 4-hole bull floats.

  • Rugged lightweight aluminum construction
  • One-to-one turning ratio of handle to pitch of blade
  • Quick and easy turning action
  • Built-in stop won't allow for over extension
  • Allows for floating flush to walls
  • Double tilt action achieved with the handle to eliminate bending and lifting
  • Fits 1-3/8 In. button bull float handles inside
  • Fits 1-3/4 In. button bull float handles outside
  • Can be used with 2- or 4- hole bull floats