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Pool Plaster Diamond Pad 50 Grit

Vendor: Iron Rock
SKU: Pool Plaster Diamond Pad 50 Grit

Pool plaster diamond polishing pad 50 grit is designed to remove coarse heavy scale and overexpose pool finishes. Our NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc has been used in smoothing and polishing swimming pool plaster since 1986. Unlike all other Diamond Disc, our diamonds are bonded with a specific NON-CORROSIVE material ensuring no rust or corrosion stains from residual material. Pebble Shine Diamond Disc in 50 grit. Pool plaster sanding disc works on all pool plaster finishes. Maximum 4500 RPMs. Our 7" diameter hook and loop backer pad AG7529 used with our Pool Plaster Diamond Pad 50 Grit ensure 100% contact with the pool plaster finish you are resurfacing. (using a smaller diameter backing pad will cause the pool plaster disc to wear uneven and reduce the life of the pool plaster disc)  Pool Plaster Polishing Pads. See our How To Repair Rough Pool Plaster page for more information.