8" x 14" Superior ProForm® Ultra Blue Power Trowel Combination Blade 4-Pack

15-25% Longer Lifespan With Reduce Blade Changes

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK220B-4PK


Upgrade your power trowel with the 8" x 14" Power Trowel Superior Combination Blade Blue with bar mount. This blade is made with heavy-duty steel that is 30% thicker than standard blades, ensuring longer life and better performance. You'll experience up to 25% longer use time with fewer blade changes. Made to precise specifications, this blade fits 36" Boren, Husqvarna, and Superior machines. The 8" x 14" Superior Power Trowel Combination Blade Blue has a 1" bar width and comes in a 4-pack, so you'll have plenty of replacements on hand. Don't settle for less than superior performance. Upgrade your power trowel today with Superior Power Trowel Combination Blade Blue.