6" x 18" Power Trowel Finish Blade 4-Pack

Kraft ProForm SKU: SK214-4PK


Transform your concrete finishing work with our 6 in. x 18 in. Power Trowel Finish Blade. Designed to deliver a smooth, polished finish to your concrete projects, this blade is ideal for use with high-speed power troweler machines. With its standard thickness of 0.062, this blade is the perfect fit for most 46" and 48" machines from top brands like Allen, Bartell, MBW, Stow, Wacker, Wagman, and Whiteman Multiquip. The 18 in. x 6 in. blade size provides even coverage and is engineered for optimal performance. Sold in a convenient 4-pack, our blades will help you achieve the shiny, hard surface you desire.