Raimondi Bulldog 3/8" Radius Profiling Wheel 5 Step Combo Pack

RaimondiSKU: BDW38R5SCP

Sale price$1,250


Raimondi Bulldog 3/8" 5 Step Profiling Machine Wheel Combo Pack has 1 each. Your complete radius profiling wheel system from Raimondi.

  • Step 1 Radius Wheel 80 Grit "Milling"
  • Step 2 Radius Wheel 200 Grit "Rough"
  • Step 3 Radius Wheel 400 Grit "Honey Finish"
  • Step 4 Radius Wheel 800 Grit "Satin Finish"
  • Step 5 Radius Wheel 1500 Grit "Polished Finish".

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