Raimondi Berta Electric Sponge Machine



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Raimondi Berta Electric Grouting Cleaning Machine "Berta" for cleaning grout (cement-based or epoxy resin) on large commercial tile and stone installations including ceramic, porcelain quarry, and brick. Will not pull grout from the joints. Easy handling, suitable for use even in small areas processing 800 - 1500 s.f. per hour. 3 sponge roller types are available, sanded & unsanded grout, unsanded, and epoxy. Sponge rollers can last from 1,600 10,000 s.f. The moisture level of the sponge roller is adjustable via the pressure adjustment lever. Easy-to-use pressure adjustment lever also adjusts the front wheels. Easy-to-replace sponge roller thanks to the magnetic “quick clutch” system. Water is fed to the roller via a foam-reducing belt (no pump to clog up). The Raimondi Grout Cleaning Machine handle folds down for transport or storage, and its ergonomic design is fully adjustable for height and angle according to the user(s) needs. Die-cast aluminum body reduces weight while increasing overall strength. Easy-to-remove water tank (15 liters, 4 gals.) is made of impact-resistant plastic to reduce breakage. Standard with: sponge roller for cement-based grout, anti-foaming liquid, user, and maintenance manual. Raimondi Berta Electric Sponge Machine size 26" x 22" X 20" and weighs only 64lbs. Must be shipped on a pallet by a freight company.