Raimondi MASTINO Vibrating Machine



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Raimondi MASTINO Vibrating Machine for laying tiles, slabs, full brick, and flagstone pavers in mud bed using the vibration method. The high vibration frequency (8600 rounds/min.) enables perfect leveling of the tiles and ensures the entire bond of the mud to the tile. Leveling of the tiles, slab, full brick, and flagstone pavers with full bond with the mud. Telescopic handle. Three vibration speeds 4000/6500/8600 rounds/min. MASTINO has a steel roller holder with 36 2" rollers (9 rows of 4 rollers each) that can easily compact large format tile, slabs flagstone pavers, and full brick without damaging edges and corners. MASTINO has longer rollers for a larger vibration area. Vibrating Surface 19-1/4" to 22". Total weight 124.8lbs