Raimondi Maxititina Floor Machine

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Raimondi Maxititina Multi-Purpose Floor Machine Scarfies, Sands, Grouts, Seals, and Polishes with the proper attachment. Designed for commercial floor preparation. Raimondi Maxititina multi-purpose machine is capable of removing old thin-set mortar, adhesive, and concrete scarifying. Great for leveling high spots on concrete slabs and smoothing mud beds. Grouting Floors: The Raimondi multi-purpose Maxititina allows you to completely grout a floor without ever having to be on your knees. Power grouting is quick and easy. Raimondi Maxititina grouting paddle works with unsanded, sanded, and most epoxy grouts. Prepared grout is dumped across the tiled area in manageable amounts. Then the Maxititina is used to spread the grout and pack the joint full. You can not match this compaction with your arm. Grouting speed is 55 rpm, all other application use 110 rpm. Floor Preparation: Maxititina machine, clean and grind floors, Optional water tank, and twist-lock attachments. Multi-function machine, clean and grind floors, Optional water tank, and twist-lock attachments. A commercial sealing machine capable of making quick work out of sealing floors. It also polishes them to an eye-blinding shine, or if you desire, a dull sheen. In addition, it cleans up after itself and wipes away all kinds of grout residue and over-spray. 17" felt disc holder, sandpaper or metal carbide grinding plate, white nylon brush are optional accessories. Specs: Dual-speed motor 1.2 HP, Dual speed 55 and 110 rpm, weighs 57 LBS, See the video Raimondi Maxititina Floor Machine with the paddle wheel attachment grouting a floor.