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Raimondi Tip-Top clamp for mitering large format tiles. Pair of miter clamps. For stair and counter top joining. Two (2) suction cups per clamp. Adjustment knobs for horizontal and vertical adjustments. Material thickness 1/8" to 1-3/16".

  • Pair of miter clamps.
  • For stair and countertop joining.
  • Each clamped equipped with two (2) suction cups
  • Full visibility of joining and corner while using miter clamps.
  • Micrometric adjustment knobs.
  • Side knob controls the horizontal adjustment.
  • Top knob controls vertical adjustment.
  • No tile length limits.
  • For longer tiles add more clamps.
  • Suitable for corner miter gluing and assembling.
  • Two stain-free rubber suction cups.
  • Black reference bands/marks make is easy and quick to align the clamps.

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