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Raizor for large format cutting with scoring wheel and rail. Scoring and snapping rail system. Lightweight and easy to use (20 lbs.) Complete cutting system 10' in padded bag (new Plier included 1/8" to 1/2" )Two 5.5 ft. rails connect together. Three (3) stain-free suction cups. Die-cast cutting unit. Fine adjustment and precise cutting. Scoring and snapping rail system. Large format tile rail. Lightweight and easy to use. Two 5.5ft. rails connect together. Free Ground Shipping.

  • Full connected rail of 11ft.
  • Three (3) stain-free suction cups.
  • Suction cups Ø3½" per rail.
  • Suction cup handles perform a 180° movement.
  • Die-cast cutting unit.
  • Fine adjustment and precise cutting. 3.4 ft. 103 cm
  • Sturdy aluminum extruded profiles.
  • Snapping-off pliers.
  • Pliers made of sturdy galvanized steel.
  • Pliers have a knob to apply progressive and precise pressure on scoring line.
  • Score and snap tiles thicker than ½".
  • Padded bag with shoulder strap holds all the tools included with the Raizor rail system.

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